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We’ve Got Classes Full of Glasses

It’s really easy to love wine. You pour some in your glass, it swishes pleasantly around your mouth and goes down perfectly with your dinner.
The time has come to take the pleasure one step further and give you the opportunity to dive deeper into what makes the world of wine so special.

We will host a first wine class exploring “fall reds” guided by Rachel, who writes for Eater and many others, on Monday October 5th at 7pm at Sunrise/Sunset.

Capacity is limited and attendance is $30 (and worth every drop).


Tickets can be purchased here. Can’t commit? Save the date and call the shop the day of to see if we still have space.

2015-02-26 19.09.47

(Picture from the Dolcetto tasting we hosted)

Mezcal Flight Exploration on Friday October 9th @ 7pm

mezcal selectionFor those who like wine, but find greater affinity for spirits, don’t worry, we’ve decided to do a tasting series. The first one is with Mezcal!

Alongside other mezcal aficionados, you will get to learn a few new facts and taste many agave spirits side by side.

Join us Friday October 9th at 7pm for the best start to your weekend. Tickets are $30 and needless to say you will get your spirits worth. 

Event takes place at Sunrise/Sunset 

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